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We have partnered with 360 Image Photography to offer clients a virtual tour of their premises.

​Google Street View | Trusted Photographer

​Bringing Google Maps Into Your Business


What is Street View | Trusted?

​​Google Street View serves millions of web users daily with 360-degree panoramic imagery captured in hundreds of cities in dozens of countries across all continents, worldwide.

Street View Trusted is the single, most effective way to optimise your most prominent digital asset, your Google Business listing appearing within Search Engine Results Page.

​A See Inside virtual tour built with Google Maps technology is more than photography, it’s an experience, one that brings your customers into your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Stand Out In Google Search

With a virtual tour from a Google Street View | Trusted Photographer, you are allowing web users to explore your business premises as they search on the world’s most popular search engine.

Street View Trusted tours are embedded within the business search results. When you search for a business by its name, you’ll be delivered relevant business information such as contact details, photos, location map and with Street View Trusted you will get the added option of a virtual tour.

By enhancing your free local business listing within Google Search, you are opening your doors to potential customers 24/7. Instinctively, since humans tend to be visually oriented, your prospects will get a sense of what you offer and are more likely to convert into clients.
Your Google Maps Street View virtual tour can be as small or large as you wish in terms of facilities you might like to showcase.

​Explore on Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most utilised platforms in the world. A key functionality of the application is to make your business easier to find.
When I come to take a photoshoot of your business, I can assist Google in verifying that the location of the business is accurate. A verified location will appear higher in local search results versus another business equal in all other aspects. Hence, you are giving your business a competitive edge over others by implementing the Street View Trusted virtual tour.

When on the go, consumers increasingly turn to Google Maps on their mobile device to find businesses around them. Users turn to Google Maps to search for terms like “restaurants near me” or “supermarket near me”, with a Street View tour embedded on the Google Maps listing, they can quickly get an idea if the place is a suitable match to what they wish to purchase, experience or visit.
Your Google Maps Street View virtual tour can be as small or large as you wish in terms of facilities you might like to showcase.

​GOOGLE SEARCH – Your Google business listing is your company’s most visible asset. Improve your presence with Street View content.

​GOOGLE MAPS – Plant your flag. When prospective customers seek you out on Google Maps, help ensure that their first encounters are great ones.


Once your tour is published we are then able to offer the option of an overlay to enhance and bring the tour alive.

A virtual tour overlay is like a ‘layer’ that sits on top of your virtual tour. When building this we are able to add navigational menus, information popup boxes, video clips and many more extras that cannot be displayed on Google Maps. Although your tour remains on Google Maps, the overlay sits on top of your business tour, and shows when you embed the tour into your website. We charge a reasonable one off fee to build the interactive ‘skin’ using our preferred software, ‘Walkinto’. Walkinto now charge a small fee to keep the overlay ad free. Or choose to pay no fee at all, and have small ad appear on your page. We charge for the build of the ‘skin’ only and then pass the account over to you.

• Create an engaging, fully interactive story about your business.
• Add Navigation, Pop-Ups, Hot Spots, Links, Video and Audio, making your tour a powerful tool.
• Integrated Google Analytics to Learn, Measure and Monitor traffic.
• WalkInto tours are embedded into your own website or social media, and can be viewed in full screen.
• Extensive customised themes to fit your branding and image.