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Thank you for your interest in us.

Please complete the form below, and we will be able to contact you back with a project proposal with what we can do for you.

There are many aspects to a project. We don’t provide a cost on the phone for projects. We need to consider the planning, location, equipment required, and operators required.

Even though we have one drone operator in house and two camera operators, our extensive network and industry contacts mean we can still provide for the larger projects.

All our projects come fully insured and licensed, so you have the peace of mind knowing we will act safely following our operations manual and risk assessments.

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    Filming Location and Dates

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    Equipment/Operators Required (if known)
    Drones & Equipment Ground Cameras & Equipment
    Licensed Drone Operator Drone Spotter/Camera Assistant
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    Company Website/Print Social Media
    Cinema/TV/Netflix/Prime TV Commercial Advert
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    You may wish to upload a map of the location or project brief. We accept jpg or PDF documents.

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